Co-Op Camp 2024: Look To The Stars will be held on September 27-29, 2024 at (the Scout Camp is located at 7484 Twiss Road, north of Kilbride, west of Milton).

All Guide, Pathfinder and Scout groups (ages 10-15 years) planning to attend this camp must register via REGISTRATION, and return them with the Registration fee to Leanne Succo, Co-op Registrar, 38 Lasby Lane, Halton Hills, ON, Canada, L7J 2W9 (or by Friday, September 20, 2024.

Payment may be made at PAYMENTS.

There is an “All Leaders” meeting held at camp on the Friday night that all groups must be represented at.

NOTE: There will be Virtual Leaders meeting on the Sunday prior to Camp (primarily for those who have not been to Co-op Camp before).

NOTE: Guiding units must also complete all required Safe Guide forms and receive approval prior to the camp weekend. Scouting groups must also complete an AAF form and receive approval prior to the camp weekend. See REGISTRATION for sample forms. Copies of these approved forms must be brought with you to camp and handed in to registration. Copied of all completed Health forms also need to be handed in when you arrive at camp. These Health forms may be in a sealed envelop for personal privacy.




  • You come self contained… We provide the program!
  • Venturers, Rovers & Rangers are welcome to register as Offer of Service
  • All Leaders will be required to help in running/staffing events
  • Since the Saturday activities are active, we ask that all campers please carry a water bottle during the activities and come prepared for rain or shine!


  • Cost is $30.00 per person + HST ($3.90) for Scouts/Guides/Pathfinders/Leaders.
  • For Venturers/Rover/Rangers/Advisors as “Offer of Service”, the cost is $30.00 per person + HST ($3.90)
  • Please obtain Registration Information and Spreadsheet and Forms at REGISTRATION
  • Registration fees can be paid by CHEQUE payable to “Scouts Canada – Co-op Camp”, or via PAYMENTS
  • send/deliver your cheque payment to:  Leanne Succo, Co-op Registrar, 38 Lasby Lane, Halton Hills, ON, Canada, L7J 2W9.
  • Guiding units on centralized banking can
    pay with your Unit’s Visa Card, via our PAYMENTS.
  • Scouting/Guiding Insurance will not cover campers who are not 10 years old in the year of the camp  (i.e. youth must be 10 years old by Dec 31st).
  • As we must limit the camp to no more than 1000 campers’ – registration is on a first come first served basis so register early!
  • Please note that refunds cannot be made after September 22, 2023.
  • There is a $25+HST late fee for registrations (spreadsheets/forms & fees) received after Friday September 20, 2024. Registrations (spreadsheets/fees) are not accepted after Wednesday Sept. 25, 2024 (6:00pm) and NOT at camp.
  • If at the last moment you have someone sick don’t fret, you may substitute another youth in his/her place. Substitutions that do not alter your total head count can be made at the camp providing the proper forms are submitted (completed registration & substitution forms). If someone is not attending and is not being replaced with a substitute they must be entered on the Substitution Form with the word ‘Cancel’ in the Names To Be Deleted / Cancelled section Notes column. No refund will be made.
  • Sorry but NO registrations or fees will be accepted at the camp.
  • Each camper must be a member in good standing in either Scouting or Guiding. We now require:
    • each camper’s membership number (from Myscouts (Scouting) or IMIS(Guiding).
    • also, we require each camper’s birth date.
  • We have a limited supply of picnic tables therefore the maximum you may use from the camp is one table per site and they are first come, first serve. We suggest you bring your own table(s). There is a link on the Co-op website that will show you how to build your own picnic table. (A great project for your group!)
  • Please be aware that the number of persons registered determines your campsite size.


We’ll try to move you through the Camp Manitou parking lot as quick as possible. On your way to camp take advantage of the camp radio station set up to provide you lots of info about the camp schedule and activities.



Listen to a preview at: Co-op Camp Radio


  • For those Unit/Section Leaders who wish to drop off their Unit/Section gear (or trailers) in advance of the camp, gates will be open from 12 noon until 4:00 p.m. on Friday. Once you enter, please locate a Co-op Camp Staff member at Camp Manitou in order to find your campsite.
  • Guiding Groups are required to provide copies of their approved Safe Guide forms at Camp Registration.
  • Scouting Groups are required to provide a copy of their approved AAF form at Camp Registration.
  • Registration opens at 6:00 p.m. and will close at 9:00 p.m. The blue Registration canopy will be near the Picnic Shelter.
  • Late arrivals should check in at Rotary Lodge
  • For safety reasons no units/troops will be allowed on site until registration opens at 6:00 p.m. and a unit leader has checked in.
  • We allow 2 vehicles (2 per unit/troop) carrying gear to proceed directly to their site, unload and return to the parking lot as soon as possible. No vehicles will be allowed on site during the Camp. Cargo trailers are allows; let us know when registering if you will have a cargo trailer on site.
  • Completed  Health Forms for each member must be handed in at Camp Registration. They may be in a sealed envelop for personal privacy
  • Group leaders will also be required to acknowledge that they hold a completed photo release form for the group members attending camp.
  • Groups are required to provide proper ratio on Saturday activity teams. e.g. if you have 10 youth on teams, you must have 2 adults assigned to teams. (Ratio of 5 to 1).


We ask that during arrival, departure, closing ceremonies and at Guide/Scout Own all persons will wear official uniforms. This can be either the formal uniform or recognized camp uniform. Members of Guiding are reminded that Guiding regulations require that camp hats must be worn.


  • Fire regulations require at least one properly charged fire extinguisher (5lb. Chemical) must be on each site. If your group does not have one ask around to borrow one for camp!
  • Each site must have a first aid kit available to handle minor problems that may arise.
  • Co-op Camp’s First Aid will be available to treat any major emergencies or problem and will be centralized in Rotary Lodge. Please don’t hesitate to ask for help.
  • It is the Unit/Section leader’s responsibility to look after their unit’s heath forms. In the event of an emergency the leader in charge will have to produce the health form and health cards for their youth at the hospital.


  • Hospitals now require that a current Health Card must be shown prior to treatment.
    Availability of Health Cards is the responsibility of the Leader In Charge.


With all that’s going on at camp, we ask that all visitors sign in and out. Please check in at Rotary Lodge before proceeding into the camp. When you depart, be sure to check out at  Rotary Lodge as well.


Limited supply of picnic tables; max ONE table/site. Bring your own, see Camp Table Plan.


  • Co-op Camp will be issuing Letters Of Commendation (as applicable) via email to those providing support.  e.g. OOS.
  • In order to do this, the Co-op Registrar will be contacting each Group Registrar after camp to obtain the email addresses of those in their group who will receive commendations.