1. The Registration deadline is Friday, September 22, 2023. Registration spreadsheets/fees received after that and before Camp are subject to a $25+HST late fee. We will NOT accept spreadsheets/fees after Wednesday Sept. 20, 2023 (6:00pm) and NOT at camp. Email your completed Registration spreadsheet (found at REGISTRATION) to the registrar (at and fees can be paid online at PAYMENTS  or mailed to our registrar (address: Leanne Succo, Coop Camp Registrar, 38 Lasby Lane, Halton Hills (Acton), Ontario, Canada, L7J 2W9).
  2. Registration spreadsheet must list every person attending camp.  A completed/signed Health Information is necessary for all staff, leaders and campers attending/registering for Co-Op Camp but it is the responsibility of the Leader in Charge to handle the Health Forms for their Unit/Group.
  3. Guiding units must also have their approved Safe Guide Forms while at camp.
  4. No Units/Sections will be allowed on site until registration opens at 6:00 p.m. and Leader(s) checked in with registration (at blue popup shelters by the picnic shelter). Fully loaded vehicles (2 per group), carrying troop gear, can proceed directly to site (after 6:00 p.m.). For those Unit/Section Leaders who wish to drop off their Unit/Section gear in advance of the camp, gates will be open from 12 noon until 4:00 p.m. on Friday. Once you enter, please locate a Co-op Camp Staff member at Manitou in order to find your campsite.
  5. Campers are from 10 – 15 years of age. Scouting/Guiding Insurance will not cover campers who are not 10 years old in the year of the camp (i.e. youth must be 10 years old by Dec 31st). Venturers and Rangers are to be registered as Unit/Troop leaders or are an Offer of Service.
  6. All Guides, Pathfinders and Scouts MUST attend ALL scheduled activities. All units with youth that participate in Saturday team activities MUST have adequate ratio for their youth as team leaders. e.g. if you have 10 youth on teams, you must have 2 adults assigned to teams. (ratio is 5 to 1). If an adult has a medical condition that absolutely prevents them from participating on a team, please ensure you have enough adults to cover your groups ratio on teams. All adults not assigned to teams will be given job assignments (this includes all levels of Scouting and Guiding). We are a co-operative camp and everyone is expected to participate where assigned.
  7. For safety reasons, NO ONE is to be on the campsites during the Saturday Activities (9:45 – Noon and 1:30 – 3:45 pm). No playing wide area games in Camp field (including football, baseball, frisbee).
  8. Leaders are responsible for the conduct of their campers when they are not at activities and leaders must be prepared to help supervise at ALL TIMES.
  9. All sites MUST have a PROPERLY CHARGED Fire Extinguisher (5lb. chemical). Safety first!
  10. No open fires will be allowed on campsites.
  11. We ask that heating units, lanterns and butane appliances (including curling irons) are not to be used in the sleeping tents.
  12. No sheathe knives will be allowed. Pocket knives with folding blades of less than 3 1/2 inches only. (We’re not wilderness camping; youth won’t need them and they are a hazard during activities.)
  13. No 2-way radios. This includes leaders and staff. Since the Camp staff are on 2-way radios, we ask that units do not bring or use two way radios. Personal cell phones are allowed, but  should only be used for required communications and/or taking pictures.
  14. Due to a few of previous problems and injuries, NO CHEMICAL BASED Glow Stick novelty items are permitted.
  15. NO ALCOHOL and NO non-prescription DRUG consumption is permitted at camp – including Cannabis.
  16. No vehicles are to be left on site. This includes bicycles. Vehicles are to be left in the parking lot or designated parking area. Please leave some identification on the dashboard of your vehicles, unit/section name, and owner name. Just in case we need to get hold of you. Cargo trailers are allowed; let us know when registering if you will have a cargo trailer on site.
  17. DRESS CODE – Leaders are to ensure that all campers are dressed appropriately when uniform is not required. Socks and shoes are to be worn at all times. No tank tops or bare shoulders. All Guiding units require camp hats.
  18. All groups will break camp at the same time and no one will be permitted to break camp early. This helps to keep the site inspections organized and efficient.
  19. Crests will be issued when the Group has handed in their completed Evaluation Form, and their site inspection form near the picnic shelter, which must be signed by a member of the Security team.
  20. SMOKING – There will be NO SMOKING inside any of the buildings or tents at camp. This includes Lodges, Dance or Event tents, sleeping, washrooms or cooking structures. Please try to set a good example for our youth and refrain from smoking in front of them.
  21. All campers/leaders/youth arriving and/or departing from camp at any time during the weekend must check in and out at Rotary Lodge
  22. For each unit/section, the required and appropriate leader to youth ratio must be followed. For Ranger Units and Venturer Companies, an advisors must be at camp at all times during the weekend.
  23. Site inspections (also called Tidy Camper) are held during the Saturday activities. Tidy Camper Awards are handed during closing, to the best Scouting Section, best Guiding/Pathfinder Unit, and best OOS Section/Unit. If your Section/Unit does not want to participate in this, please indicate on your registration spreadsheet, on the Group Notes field, that your section/unit wishes to “Opt Out of the Tidy Camper Awards”.